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Gender: Male
Breed: Poodle
Status: Adoptable

A VERY SWEET SIDEKICK:  10 years old / 15 lbs.

I’m a sweet fellow who lost my home when my family realized that they had become too old to care for me any longer.  So, I’m thankful that Mostly Mutts was able to take me in and will find me a family to love. 
• OTHER DOGS/CATS/KIDS:  I came in with another little dog (already adopted) and I do well with the other dogs in my foster home though we don’t really play together, so if you have a nice dog at home, lets’ meet / I met the family cat in foster home and immediately liked him too!  My former family also said that I was good with other kitties / I haven’t met kids in my foster home, but my former family said that I did like them – though I don’t remember the ages of the kids, so lets meet and best no toddlers that may fall on me.
• PERSONALITY/ENERGY LEVEL:  I’m a sweet, friendly and loving guy who enjoys people a lot!  I think it’s great being petted and I’ll give my tummy for some rubs too. I love hanging out on the couch, a chair, a lap etc. with you.  I just settle in right next to you and will stay as long as you do.  I whine a bit for attention causes I love it and people so much!  I bark appropriately when I hear things like garage door openers, someone knocking at the door, or if the other dogs bark, I will join in, but I’m not a generally barky dog once I settle in.  I sometimes try to run out of doors, so please be careful there as I don’t want to get lost or hurt.
• SKILLS/CRATE/POTTY:  I don’t know any commands, but we could work on some if you like.  I do walk well on my leash though / I sleep well in my crate at night in my foster home with a nice cushy dog bed in it.  If you need to crate me any during the day, I may fuss a few minutes before I settle in – give me a bone or a small stuffed toy too please. My foster doesn’t think I really need a crate since I’ve been do good in the home / I’m doing very well with my potty manners on the schedule in foster home (no accidents) and my former owner also said that I did well with that. 
• LIKES/DISLIKES:  I like small soft toys and it’s fun to watch me toss them around and chase them.  I love the college student who sometimes comes and does her schoolwork at home.  She lets me hang out on the bed with her while she works – learning is fun when I hang out next to you!  I also really like soft cushy dog beds and comfy blankets / I ‘m not totally comfortable being picked up and carried as I prefer to just walk, though I tolerate it without incident.  I’m used to a stay at home family member (2 actually in my former home) so I don’t think I would be happy being left long hours.   
• MEDICAL:   I just had my teeth cleaned – I really needed that, so my breath is fresh again!  I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped and neutered.  I have some hearing loss, but I don’t let it bother me and I hope you won’t either.  You’ll notice my eyes are a little cloudy – this is just normal for my age/breed – the vet said that I didn’t have cataracts currently, so that’s good.  I take a joint supplement just cause it’s good for doggies my age – Cosequin DS.
Come meet me, I could be your new best buddy.  My adoption fee is $299.00, and I’m located in Kennesaw, Ga.