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Gender: Male
Breed: Shepherd
Secondary Breed: Hound
Status: Adoptable

ONE LUCKY FELLOW! - 1 year old / 46 lbs.

Hi there, I’m Trion and I’m one lucky dog! The founder of Ride To Rescue saw a need for rescuing dogs that are living in rural situations without the medical care and human love that all dogs need! So, he went to work with the community, and I am one of those dogs that is now safe, happy and thankful!

• OTHER DOGS/CATS/KIDS: I get along great with all the different sized dogs in my foster home and quickly made friends with the other dogs in the prison foster/training program when I was there. I must have a dog in my new home to play with, so if you have a nice doggie at home, let’s meet / No kitties please / I haven’t met kids yet, so best no toddlers that I could bump over, and let’s meet!

• PERSONALITY/ENERGY LEVEL: In my foster home and at MM’s, I greet everyone with a nice wagging tail! I’ve come leaps and bounds since being rescued – once I was a shy and shut down dog, but no more! Now I love life and am a happy fellow! I like to be with the family, and they called me precious! I like cuddling on the couch with them too. I’ve been good for my baths (needed quite a few of those initially), and I was good for my vet checkup which was likely the first one I ever had. I do tend to whine in new situations / My energy level is 5-7.

• SKILLS/CRATE/POTTY: I’m a proud graduate of the Mostly Mutts University training program, and I know the ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘down’, ‘drop it’, ‘leave it’, and ‘go to your place’ commands. I also walk nicely on my leash, use proper door etiquette, and accept friendly strangers without jumping. My trainers in the prison foster/training program were impressed with how quickly I learned new things. I also ride well in the car – you may need to put my paws in first and then I’ll go in. I’m sure I’ll learn to do it myself with practice / I do well in my crate and find it to be a comfy spot / I have good potty manners on a good schedule.

• LIKES/DISLIKES: I like toys and was so cute when I discovered the doggie toy box in my foster home! However, playing with my dog friends is even better, and I whine when I see other dogs because I want to be with them so much. I also love dog beds as they are so soft – I don’t think I had ever played with toys or slept in a nice soft doggie bed before coming to MM’s / I occasionally get car sick, so have a towel handy just in case. Things on wheels are scary to me.

• MEDICAL: I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped and neutered.

So, if you have a loving home, come meet me and see if we’re a great match!! My adoption fee is $299.00, and I’m located in Kennesaw, Ga.