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Gender: Male
Breed: Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)
Secondary Breed: Shepherd
Status: Adoptable

PLAYFUL & VERY ENERGETIC: 11 months old / 41 lbs.

Hi there, my name is Branch! I was adopted from Mostly Mutts when I was just a puppy, but my owner had a job change that requires a great deal of travel, leaving little time for me. So, Mostly Mutts is helping me find a new home and family to love. I’m currently participating in the prison/foster training program, where I will be learning lots of great commands and doggie manners.

• OTHER DOGS/CATS/KIDS: I shouldn’t live with other dogs, but I can play with other dogs in a controlled environment. You see, I'm not aggressive, but I’m a very rough player and get overly excited and assertive in play. I just don’t know how to turn it off, so I need a home without other dogs. I played well with the other Mutts in the prison program in a controlled environment where my trainers had me take breaks, so I didn’t get overly excited. I did accidentally bite a volunteer’s leg once when passing by another dog’s crate when we were both overly excited – I redirected to the volunteer – so sorry about that / Cats Unknown, but I don’t think so / I haven’t met kids yet at MM’s or in my previous home, but since I am a busy player, much older kids such as teens will likely be best – let’s meet and talk with my trainer.

• PERSONALITY/ENERGY LEVEL: I am a very playful guy with big puppy energy and I’m affectionate, too. I love being with people so much that I have separation anxiety and have started medication for it. A dog savvy owner who is home a lot and wants to be active/exercising with their dog could be a good fit for me / My energy level is 7-9, so I am looking for an active family dedicated to my training and providing regular outlets for my energy. I can see myself going for hikes, walks, maybe even some runs or camping. The sky’s the limit.

• SKILLS/CRATE/POTTY: I am a student in the Mostly Mutts University prison/foster training program, where I am learning lots of great doggie commands with my trainer and having fun at the same time. Leash manners are top of my training list as I currently pull on my leash / The crate was not my favorite place when I first came to Mostly Mutts, but with the help of my anxiety medication (see Medical section below) and my trainers’ dedicated work with me, I am now comfortable being in the crate for up to 2 hours. / My potty manners have been good at Mostly Mutts and in the prison program on a consistent schedule.

• LIKES/DISLIKES: I love to play with toys and be active with my people, so let’s have some fun / I don’t like being alone or in a crate for more than a couple hours, and I wouldn’t be happy if I did not get regular exercise, training and the love I deserve!

• MEDICAL: I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped and neutered. I’m on a medication for severe separation anxiety – my trainer will be glad to talk to you about this.

I am looking for a dog savvy family that will be active with me and include me in on lots of fun as well as continue my training. My adoption fee is $299.00, and I’m located in Kennesaw, Ga.