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Gender: Female
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Secondary Breed: Shar-Pei
Status: Adoptable

A CUTE AND WRINKLY GIRL:  6 years old / 25 lbs.  Mostly Mutts adoption center is open Mon-Sat. 11-4pm. Some of us are in foster homes so please call 770-272-6888 1st to find out if I’m available to meet during the week. My name is Buttermilk! I came to Mostly Mutts in pretty bad shape with skin issues & lots of fur loss, but thanks to good care & a healthy diet, my fur is looking good again! I look forward to a great family that will take much better care of me than my previous situation, for sure! My potty manners have been good on the shelter schedule, & I also had good potty manners in my temporary foster home. I have good leash manners, & I sure do enjoy getting out & going for walks with the volunteers. When I first came to MM’s I was food & toy aggressive, but I’ve been working with a trainer & they can now take food & toys away from me without any problems! So, I’ve proven to be a good learner with good training/leadership. I’m a graduate of the Mostly Mutts University training program & have mastered the ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘down’, drop it’, ‘leave-it’ & ‘go to your place’ commands, loose leash walking, proper door etiquette, & accepting nice strangers without jumping. I’m very food motivated & am working on taking treats gently. I came to Mostly Mutts with another dog (who has been adopted) & we got along, & I like some of the dogs I met at the shelter, so if you have a friendly doggie at home let’s meet to see if we can be friends. I was also introduced to a bird at the shelter & didn’t mind him at all. It takes me a little time to really get to know people, but once I do, you’ll see my sweet nature!  I’ll give you kisses, love you deeply & my tail will wag with joy a lot! I love to cuddle up on the couch & when I get a fun burst of energy, I’ll do some zoomies around the house, so cute! I was startled from sleep in my temp. foster home when a man came to visit, so I and reacted strongly to him with barking, growling & I did get a hold of his pant leg, so my temp. foster mom put me in my crate during his visit. I think I reacted because I was asleep when he arrived, & he was a new human to me & appeared in front of me.  Next time I met him outside on my leash and did fine with him. Due to my strong startle response a nice calm home is what I’m looking for.  I like meeting new folks outside & getting a treat from them helps me realize they are friends. I also nipped at a volunteer once when they were filling my water but didn’t break the skin. As a result, a home without kids will be best for me. I’m talkative at the MM facility but was much quieter in the foster home I visited, so I may be able to live in a condo/apartment since we learned this, though no small crates please. Speaking of my talking, I make a sound that was initially mistaken for a growl, but I’m actually just clearing my throat and possibly trying to get attention, silly me.  I am looking forward to finding my furever family, so come meet me & see if we are a good fit! Energy level: 4-6. I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped, spayed, & my adoption fee is $299.00 which also includes an engraved name tag, Martingale collar & leash.