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Gender: Male
Breed: Collie
Secondary Breed: Shepherd
Status: Adoptable

A TRAINER'S DREAM DOG:  6 years old / 47 lbs.   I'm currently going through my heart worm treatment, so I won't be at adoptions until early August.  I'm still available for adoption during that time and you can inquire about me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Hello, I'm Drew.  I'm seeking a home where I can be the best dog I can be.  I require a dog savvy owner who can provide strong, kind and consistent leadership.  I bond very deeply with my human and I give 100% to them.  I was adopted a few months ago, and though my owner loved me; the environment didn’t work for me.  I got outside once and chased kids in the neighborhood, and I didn’t care for one of the family members I lived with who my person shared a home office with.  I was also not feeling well at all during that time as I had a painful bladder and painful ear infection as well as dealing with discomfort from heartworms (see below), so it was a difficult time for me which may have contributed to my dislike of the situation and behavior.  I once nipped my person, but he forgave me.  I’m a one or two-person type dog and don’t want a home with a lot of commotion or folks coming and going a lot. A doggie friend in my furever home could be fun, as I like the dog’s I met at the MM facility and enjoyed playing with them. A female doggie companion is the best match for me as I tried to mount the male dogs I met, so if you have a friendly female dog at home, let’s meet to see if we can be pals and playmates!  I’ve enrolled in the Mostly Mutts University training program now and have mastered ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’, ‘come’, ‘drop it’, ‘leave it’, and ‘heel’, so I’m very trainable!  In fact, my trainer says that I love learning and have complete focus on my trainer when in our sessions.  I have true potential for a lot of obedience training.  I get excited and bounce around a bit when I’m happy which is cute, though I have to stay calmer until my heart worm treatment has been completed.  I walk pretty well on my leash so we can just take short walks together for now.  I also enjoy playing with soft toys and getting a belly rub.  I came to MM’s with fur loss and skin issues on my hind quarters, so I got lots of medicated baths for that and am doing lots better!  My hind quarters are sensitive, and I don’t like them touched, likely due to the above-mentioned issue.  My potty manners have been good on the shelter schedule and in the home, I lived in for a few months.  I didn’t like being restrained at my vet appointment, so best no hugs or restraint for now.  A home without kids is what I’m looking for too.  Energy level: 5-7 though remember I need to stay calmer until after my HW treatment.  I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped, neutered, and my adoption fee is $299.00 which also includes an engraved name tag, Martingale collar and leash.