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Gender: Female
Breed: Treeing Walker Coonhound
Secondary Breed: Bluetick Hound
Status: Adoptable

‘TV COPS’ THEMED PUPPY:  2 – 3 months old / Large once full grown  Mostly Mutts adoption center is open Mon-Sat. 11-4pm.  Some of us are in foster homes so please call 770-272-6888 1st to find out if I’m available to meet during the week.  I’m a wonderful young puppy who is thankful that I was rescued along with all my siblings and my mom too!  Now I’m looking for a great family to grow up with!  The first thing you should know about my breed mix is that a well-exercised Coonhound is a happy and relaxed Coonhound!  But without exercise, my breed can be a rambunctious handful – remember I’m a working breed dog so let’s be very active together.  I’m vocal which is common of my breed, especially when I want something, so an apartment/condo is not the best fit for me.  In my foster home I love playing and then playing some more!  LOL  I also love the other dogs there and am curious of the kitty cats.  My potty training is coming along well, but of course you’ll need to finish teaching me this.  I enjoy going outside to explore in the grass and to sniff around in my foster family’s yard.  After some good playtime, I love to cuddle with my people and other dogs too.  I’m a sweetie!  Toys and bones are lots of fun, so have lots of those please!  Like all puppies, I'll require a devoted owner who will take the time to train me, so I'll grow up to be a polite and well-trained adult dog.  I also have sharp puppy teeth so have lots of things for me to chew on and start gently training me not to chew on you or the kids, so we'll all be happy!  Energy level:  Currently 7-8.  I'm spayed, micro-chipped and have started my puppy shots, but you will have to finish my series of puppy shots as I grow.  My adoption fee is $299.00 and includes the above medical treatments, a Martingale collar, leash and engraved name tag too!