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Gender: Male
Breed: Labrador
Secondary Breed: Terrier
Status: Adoptable
A GREAT DOG IN TRAINING:  3 years old / 60 lbs.
Hi, my name’s Oglethorpe! I came to Mostly Mutts from animal control & then I got to participate in the prison foster/training program where I learned so much & had a blast. I’m ready to find my furever home now, & I’m looking for a dog savvy, confident owner who will be patient & give me the extra time I need to trust them.

• OTHER DOGS/CATS/KIDS: No dogs - I didn’t like the dogs I met at MM’s. / Cats unknown but unlikely / I’m looking for a home with much older children (ages 15+), as I met two children (ages 7 & 11) at Mostly Mutts & I jumped on them & was mouthy. I didn’t show aggression, but I don’t understand my size/strength. I also have limits to how much petting & affection I want. Kids should not walk me due to my dislike of other dogs.

• PERSONALITY/ENERGY LEVEL: I’m a happy, handsome fellow who loves to play, and I’m very loving once I get to know you. I can be a bit socially awkward at times – not always knowing how to behave, but I’m working on it. I have a little stubborn streak at times too. I get cranky when I’m tired and have my limits. My trainer or the MM director will be happy to talk to you about this / My energy level is 6-8 so I’ll need regular exercise!

• SKILLS/CRATE/POTTY: I am a student in the Mostly Mutts University training program, & I know the ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘down’, ‘leave it’, & ‘go to your place’ commands as well as loose leash walking, proper door etiquette, & accepting friendly strangers without jumping. I also give my ‘paw’, but that one’s on my terms. Please keep a good hold of my leash as I have tried to chase motorcycles. I don’t always take treats gently, especially when I’m excited, so placing them on the ground is best – I mistook a volunteer’s hand as part of the cheese that she was giving me & bit it while taking the cheese, I’m sorry! / My crate manners are good at Mostly Mutts / I have good potty habits on the shelter schedule.

• LIKES/DISLIKES: I love toys & balls but am possessive of them & don’t like them taken away or touched while I have them. I’ve been working on this with my trainer and have made some good progress as I have started sharing Kong toys and Nylabones with my trainer. I’ve also learned how fun it is to play fetch with my rope toy. / I am sensitive about being touched on my paws. (I am in training to desensitize these feelings). I don’t like baths, and I don’t like my sleep to be interrupted.

• MEDICAL: I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped & neutered.

I am looking for a family that will be dedicated to my continued training & that will be active with me too! My adoption fee is $299.00, & I’m located in Kennesaw, Ga.