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Gender: Female
Breed: Beagle
Secondary Breed: Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)
Status: Adoptable

AN ACTIVE AND SMART GIRL:  6 years old / 50 lbs.  Mostly Mutts adoption facility is open Mon-Sat. 11-4pm.  Some of us are in foster homes so please call 770-272-6888 1st to find out if I’m available to meet during the week.  Hi there, I’m Valerie!  I’m a great dog looking for an all adult home without other pets.  That’s what I have in my foster home and I just love it!  You see I lived at the MM facility for quite some time and have patiently waited for my foster home.  Don’t get me wrong as MM’s is a great place, I’m just not the kind of dog that does well in a shelter environment.  Now that I’ve been in my foster home for over a month, the folks at MM’s can truly see what a great dog I am!  In my foster home, I’m a very laid-back and happy girl!  My potty manners have been fantastic, I haven’t gotten into anything I shouldn’t, I don’t even get on the furniture as I’m happy to just lay on my nice doggie bed when we’re all hanging out watching TV.  I’m not crated either as I simply don’t need a crate.  I’ve been a quiet girl too and only barked a few times.  I enjoy car rides too!  When the extended family came to visit (9 adults) I gently greeted each of them and welcomed them into the home.  I do try to run out when the doors are open, so please be careful with that!  I love going for long walks, but I will pick up anything I find along the way and try to eat it, so please don’t let me do that!  I enjoy a good game of fetch, but you won’t ever see me drop a ball until you throw another – seems I just have to keep it in my mouth!  I’ve just been a great girl in my foster home!  When I was living at the shelter, I had some real challenges like being possessive of my food and guarding my toys as well as guarding anything I had in my mouth.  I was stressed, so there were a couple bites over things like this.  I was also fearful in my crate and nipped a finger that a child stuck in my crate.  (it’s never a good idea to do that).  My trainer learned that I would trade what I had for a treat, so that was helpful.  I’m a proud graduate of the Mostly Mutts University training program! I have mastered ALL of the MMU commands, which include: ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘lie down’, ‘come’, 'drop it', ‘leave it’, 'go to your place', & loose leash walking. I've also learned to wait patiently at doorways before walking through them on command though I need a refresher for that in my foster home, & to accept nice strangers without jumping.  I shouldn’t live in a home with dogs, cats or birds as I met a cat & bird at MM’s & was way too interested in them.  Likewise, a home without dogs is what I need, just so there aren’t problems with sharing my resources.  And I see little dogs as prey but when on walks I don’t mind passing other dogs.  A home with no kids is also best for me due to the behaviors listed above.  You’ll probably notice that I sit a bit to one side - the vet thinks it’s an old ligament injury.  I take Glucosamine to help with it, & it doesn't slow me down at all.  I easily enjoy a several mile walk a day, so grab my leash & let's go!  I’m curious, lovable & friendly, & can’t wait to find my new family!  Energy level: 5-7.  I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped, spayed & my adoption fee is $299.00 which also includes an engraved name tag, Martingale collar & leash.