Welcome to Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue!

Since 2004, we’ve committed to saving the lives of pets who have found themselves homeless for many reasons. By working closely with animal control, local county shelters and our rescue partners, we are constantly saving dogs and cats that are often moments away from being euthanized.

There’s great information here about our rescue organization, including how to adopt, volunteer, donate, and help homeless pets in several ways. You can get to know our adoptable dogs and cats by reading their profiles on our site, and we look forward to helping you find your ideal companion.

We are open to the public Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Adoptions are scheduled by appointment. Although many of our adoptable dogs and cats are in foster homes, you’re welcome to stop by for a tour or to meet the dogs and cats currently at the shelter.

Our adoption center is a beautiful, welcoming place, where our committed staff and volunteers help make operations run smoothly, but we can always use more help. Please visit our volunteer page, to explore the many ways that you can become part of our rescue mission.

We hope to see you soon and welcome you to our pack.

Please Donate – Volunteer – Adopt!


Tammy Turley, Executive Director, pictured with Jag and Mia

Our Mission Statement

The core mission of Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue is to reduce the number of animals euthanized at county shelters in the metro Atlanta area. We provide ongoing physical, medical and emotional care, including spay and neutering to reduce the staggering number of unwanted pets, before placing animals in loving, permanent homes. Our commitment is to transform abused, abandoned, unwanted and unloved dogs and cats into a cherished friend for life.

Our Commitment to Education

We go above and beyond rescue, to provide resources, education and awareness programs to our community about responsible pet guardianship, promoting pets as valued family members, worthy of life-long protection and love. Our volunteer-based dog training program, Mostly Mutts University, has been invaluable to help our adoptable dogs maximize good behavior, develop confidence, provide opportunities to socialize, and to build the important human/dog bond that enhances adoptability.

Our Vision

We hope to put ourselves out of business one day when there are no more homeless animals, but until then, we will continue to rescue regardless of breed mix, age or medical condition.
Mostly Mutt s is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. We receive no public funding, therefore, we rely on the generosity of private donors, fundraising events and grants to continue saving the lives of homeless animals.


Mostly Mutts, which began as a mission with a few dedicated volunteers and a small garage space, has evolved and grown over the last 15 years! As our growth continued, we moved into a large warehouse space with grand dreams of renovation and expansion. What a daunting task that would certainly be years in the making. Then, a miracle happened, and her name is Anne Reed.

A devoted animal advocate, Anne purchased an 8,100 square foot building in Kennesaw, Georgia, and proceeded to transform it into a state-of-the-art animal shelter, with all the bells and whistles, from hospital grade floors, a drain system for cleaning, commercial grade appliances and stainless steel equipment, to a carefully designed floor plan and air control system which separates new intake pets from ready-to-adopt pets, and allows better control of illnesses common to shelter animals. Anne began to meet with rescue organizations to determine which one would best fulfill the promise of this extraordinary facility.

As we spent time together, we discovered our shared passion, not just for rescue in general, but our conviction that animals with special needs (seniors, injured or ill), all deserve to be saved and given the chance at a forever home. These animals are often overlooked and are much less likely to survive in an animal control facility.

Anne was also inspired by our awesome volunteers! Having an established base of volunteers who are passionate, dedicated and loving, ensured that we would be able to utilize this incredible space to its fullest potential.

Fortunately for Mostly Mutts, Anne determined that we were a great fit and we were able to purchase this amazing facility. We moved in immediately, got to work and have never looked back. We are extremely proud that our rescue and adoption facility has not only helped save so many lives, but we have also become a well-respected resource to our local community.

Anne Reed, pictured here in front of two of her four dedicated sanctuaries where newly rescued dogs can relax peacefully.

We gratefully acknowledge Anne Reed’s kindness, generosity and her vision in designing the incredible facility that we are fortunate to call home to Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue. In Anne’s honor, we have created the Anne Reed Medical Care Fund, where you can designate donations for animals who require extensive medical care.



It's expensive to save the lives of animals

The expenses are never ending to provide quality care for rescued animals. Adoption fees barely cover the costs that we incur to ensure that our rescues are healed, nourished, spayed/neutered, trained and vaccinated before they get adopted. We rely on donations, fundraisers and grants to support our initiatives to rescue, rehabilitate and place our rescues in great homes with loving families.

Overview of annual major expenses

  • Pet food (including specialized diets)
  • Spay and neuter
  • Medications
  • Microchip
  • Immunizations
  • Dental procedures (including cleaning and extractions)
  • Eye care
  • Surgery and treatment to mend broken bones, treat heartworms, and remove tumors, as examples of other medical costs that we incur. (This can easily range from $1,000 and upwards to several thousand dollars for an individual dog)
  • Mortgage and facility maintenance, including utilities and repairs


With only a small core staff, we rely on the dedication of volunteers to help accomplish our goals to save the lives of homeless animals.
Last year, our over 800 shelter and admin volunteers completed 28,465 hours of service, sharing their skills, talents and passion for what we do, but we always need more help as we continue to grow.



This map illustrates from where people have traveled to adopt from Mostly Mutts. Our social media presence, partnership with online, searchable databases such as Petfinder and Adopt a Pet, and referrals from our adoptive families have given us great exposure in other parts of the country.

Although we cannot deliver dogs and cats to you, finding your ideal pet can be worth the drive or flight to us!

Those searching for our adoptable pets find them not only on our site, but also through social media, referrals and aggregate sites such as PetFinder. And when they find the right one, people will drive the distance to adopt their ideal companion! This map shows where some of our dogs have relocated to lead exciting new lives in other states.

3238 Cherokee Street | Kennesaw, GA 30144

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