Metro Reentry Program


Developing Training Skills on Both Ends of the Leash

"This program is teaching me compassion and to care for something other than myself. There is a sense of loyalty and affection that helps when you are in a bad mood. They are coming in with their own trauma that you don’t know about, so you get to help them and have a chance to save a dog’s life."

~ Mostly Mutts Prison Pups Program Trainer

Mostly Mutts joins forces with prison based program

 In 2019, Mostly Mutts was chosen to implement a dog training program with the Metro Reentry Facility in Atlanta, GA, which gives future returning citizens vocational training opportunities to prepare them for gainful employment upon release. After we demonstrated experience and success with our own Mostly Mutts University training program, the Metro Reentry staff was confident that we were the perfect fit to help achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Based on our existing dog training curriculum, we created a customized program for the participants, who have learned how to train our adoptable dogs and provide grooming care. Each dog is assigned to two men who take full responsibility to train and care for their dog. The dog lives in a cell with their two trainers, receiving 24/7 attention. A unique bonding experience occurs, enabling the dogs to learn their training skills rapidly and consistently. The men keep detailed training notes, documenting the dog's progress, which we share with our adopters.

With the benefit of their time and determination, the participants have done a great job enhancing our dogs’ training skills and behavior while cultivating a potential career in the field of dog care services. Since the inception of this win/win partnership, we have witnessed a profound mutual benefit for rescue dogs and people, including an accelerated adoption rate for the dogs who have been trained in this program.  The comprehensive training our dogs receive here has a value of $2,000.


Benefits for the dogs

  • Dogs learn acclimation to a new environment and exposure to new people.
  • The dogs' mastery of commands occurs at a much faster pace with daily training.
  • Dogs with specific behavior obstacles receive the attention needed to overcome individual issues.
  • Dogs who graduate from the program are adopted more quickly, since adopters value the training skills achieved.

Benefits for the men selected as trainers

  • The men develop empathy, patience and trust by caring for a rescued dog.
  • Accountability and pride are cultivated by working towards a goal.
  • The program offers the men future career opportunities in animal care and training.
  • The men gain confidence by mastering a skill.

We are grateful for the opportunity to expand our rescue mission and dog training initiative while giving back to the community through this innovative program. Our partnership with the Mostly Mutts Prison Pups Facility demonstrates our commitment to help transform the lives of dogs and people who deserve another chance at life.

3238 Cherokee Street | Kennesaw, GA 30144

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