At Mostly Mutts, we witness the endless tide of homeless young, middle-aged, and elderly dogs and cats that have been subjected to injury, illness, and serious neglect. Dogs with broken bones, rotted teeth, heartworm, mange, eye injuries, infections, and life-threatening diseases are all too familiar to us, yet we rise to the rescue challenge with our goal of restoring their health.

Our deep commitment to providing compassionate and humane medical care to these rescued victims prompted us to create The Anne Reed Medical Fund. A devoted animal advocate, Anne Reed created the state-of-the-art facility that we are privileged to call home to Mostly Mutts. She shares our conviction that animals with severe injuries, special needs, or illnesses deserve to be rescued, as they are less like to survive the county shelter environment than healthy ones. Named in honor of this visionary, who has given so much to help Mostly Mutts thrive, The Anne Reed Medical Fund serves to underwrite life-saving medical care provided by us and our veterinary specialist partners.

Your donation to The Anne Reed Fund will be used exclusively to care for extremely ill or injured dogs and cats taken into our program and will assist with the high cost of complex surgeries, diagnostic testing, treatments, and medications for animals with life-threatening and chronic conditions.



"Animals can’t speak for themselves. We are their voices, and those with special needs have much to say. Whether they have been neglected, abused, or injured, their joy in life has been diminished. We can make a difference for them, although their medical care is often quite expensive.

Seeing them restored to health and happiness is worth the cost. Your generous contributions go directly to their medical care and enable us to rescue animals who need us the most. My thanks to you all."

~ Anne Reed

Donations can also be mailed:

Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue
Attention: Anne Reed Medical Fund
3238 Cherokee St. NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144


Thank you for giving the gift of life and the hope of a future for homeless pets with critical illness and injuries.

3238 Cherokee Street | Kennesaw, GA 30144

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